I am Carnival

Typically while I’ve been here training has been boring, predictable and nothing really to write about. Thankfully, today was a totally different experience. In a legenthy four hour secession I laughed, cried (yes CRIED) and had a lot to think about . “I am Carnival” is our values program, and I’ve never been so motivated to be positive and helpful. Those of you know me really well KNOW how sassy I can be. Im not saying that is going to change, but it was really inspiring to see how many people are effected by a smile and a wave on their vacation.

Nassau is so so nice today, and next week I’m swimming with dolphins at Atlantis for a co-workers birthday. Everyone is really becoming like a family to me here. Weird how close you can get with people in such a short amount of time. I feel like I’ve been here ages when I’ve only been on the ship 8 days.

As I sit in this bar in the middle of the Bahamas, I look around and sometimes I still don’t believe that I’m here. EVERYONE is coming to visit me at some point.

Taking it all in

Im currently off the ship in Nassau, sitting in between the ship and atlantis. 

Today was a pretty good day I guess ;)

There is no such thing as Sexual Harassment

Life in the Entertainment Department of a ship is very similar to working a summer season at the Ohlook Theatre in Grapevine, TX. When a new person enters the area, some people are quick to befriend them and others take their time feeling them out before they fully accept (me being one of the latter). You work with these people, live with these people, and then at the end of the day hang out with these people. Lots of shenanigans and constant fuckery. Every day I feel as if I haven’t even left home. I am meeting more people and getting to know the ones I’ve met thus far. It all happens pretty quickly

This also has to do with the fact that Ive been so busy with training that I haven’t been able to get off the ship. Luckily I don’t think the Bahamas is going anywhere for a while.

Today in my meeting with our ACD (Assistant Cruise Director) she talked about how all hosts need to have a quirk. Luckily she didn’t ask what we were going to make ours, because I’m not sure how I could have put “sassy gay bitch” into family friendly terms. Actually I probably could have just said that and it would have been fine.

Welcome to the Sensation

First of all, to any of you that are reading this, I love that you miss me enough already to be curious how my training is going haha. I miss and love you too…whoever you are

I guess I’ve been on this ship a little over 24 hrs, and already I feel like the new kid in school again. Getting on the ship took some time, as did getting settled into my less-than-dorm-room size cabin (ill try and remember to post pictures at some point). My roommate interviewed with me and is very kind, hopefully he thinks the same about me…well not the exact same thing but at least kind thoughts from a kind man.

Last night was rough, as my stomach felt like It was going repeatedly through a washing machine on high rinse. Guess who got sea sick :/ I didn’t puke, but I did want to…so badly. My team is awesome and they all helped me through it, and I’m feeling much better today.

Speaking of my team, they are truly some of the nicest people. In fact that goes for most everyone…at least that I’ve met in the entertainment department. 

Anyway, I should get off. Ill try to update as much as I can, but I can already tell I’m going at a very fast speed. Heres to hopping I stop sounding like a stupid American on the ship soon :)